FAQ’s for new patients

Dr. Camille is accepting new patients.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from new patients:

What kinds of health conditions can benefit from Naturopathic Medicine?

People of all ages suffering from both acute and chronic health conditions can benefit from naturopathic care.  These are some of the conditions that respond well to naturopathic care.

What is the cost of Naturopathic healing?

Naturopathic treatment can seem expensive because it is not covered by OHIP.  Naturopathic Doctors emphasize long term health and  disease prevention.  You will notice these benefits:

  • you will be sick less often
  • you will require less prescription medications (which can be expensive)
  • you will feel more energetic.

What can I expect from my Naturopathic visit?

Your first visit will be one and a half hours long.  It is essentially an information-gathering session.  It will include a thorough discussion of your medical history and health concerns, as well as a physical examination.

A second visit is usually scheduled one week after the initial visit to discuss your complete treatment program.  This allows Dr. Camille to thoroughly assess your case and give it the special attention that it requires.  You will receive a more accurate, personalized treatment plan to facilitate your healing process.

Follow-up visits are booked as necessary in order to assess your progress and to make changes as needed.

What if I’m seeing a medical doctor, and am taking prescription medicine?

Naturopathic doctors are trained in pharmacology to detect interactions between drugs and herbs, drugs and nutritional supplements, as well as between herbs and nutrients.  Naturopathic doctors can help reduce side effects from medications, and in some cases, help you safely lower your dose.

Is Naturopathic medicine covered under extended health care plans?

Yes, many extended health care insurance plans offer partial or full coverage for naturopathic visits.  To determine if you have coverage for your naturopathic medicine appointments, please contact your health insurance company or refer to their policy handbook.

Please download and fill out the appropriate PDF application forms before you come to your first appointment.

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