What kind of training does a naturopath have?

  • A minimum of 3 years of medical courses in university as the prerequisite to admission to a naturopathic college.
  • Naturopaths must have completed a 4-year, post-graduate program consisting of:
    • medical and clinical sciences,
    • naturopathic principles and therapies,
    • diagnostic medicine, and
    • at least 1-year clinical experience while supervised by licensed naturopaths.
  • After graduation, NDs must pass rigorous board exams to be licensed to practice as Naturopathic Doctors (or Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine) in a particular province.

What is the difference between a homeopath and a naturopath?

A Naturopathic Doctor uses homeopathy as one of the therapies that may be integrated into the total treatment plan, according to your case.  A homeopathic practitioner uses only homeopathy.  NDs are the only health-care professionals who are examined in homeopathy for licensing purposes.

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