Naturopathic Pediatric Care in Markham 

Naturopathic Pediatrics includes the assessment, diagnosis and naturopathic treatment of infants and children, who tend to respond especially well to gentle and natural medicines.  Children have strong constitutions, and when they fall ill, these strong constitutions do not require harsh and potent medicines, but instead simply require support and guidance to return to vitality.

Naturopathic Medicine delivers safe and effective treatment approaches for a broad range of pediatric health conditions, including:

Digestive: colic, indigestion, reflux, gas, diarrhea, constipation, “stomach aches”, food sensitivities, introducing solid foods to infants, feeding issues

Dermatological: eczema, dermatitis, rashes, cradle cap, “acne” (internal link to “Acne” webpage), psoriasis

Immune: frequent or persistent “colds and flus” (internal link to “Keeping Healthy during the Cold and Flu Season” webpage), allergies, asthma, bronchitis, fevers, sinus congestion, ear infections, urinary tract infections

Mental-emotional: learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, nightmares, insomnia, depression, anxiety, fears, temper tantrums, behavioural problems

Developmental: well-child visits, teething, growing pains, health issues of puberty, developmental disorders

Therapies that may be considered for your child include dietary modifications, nutritional supplementation, homeopathic medicine, herbal medicine and lifestyle recommendations.  Dr. Nghiem-Phu, ND provides calm, attentive and non-invasive pediatric care, and works collaboratively with your child’s family doctor, pediatrician or other health care providers to ensure your child receives the care he or she needs.  Dr. Nghiem-Phu, ND enjoys devoting a significant portion of her family practice to improving the health and well-being of infants and children in the Markham community and the GTA.  Book an appointment with Dr. Camille now!

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