Medical Nutritional Therapy in Markham

A healthy diet is the foundation of good health.  Every tissue, cell, hormone and molecule of your body is made from the nutrients that you absorb from your diet.  But what is the healthiest diet for you?  Medical Nutrition Therapy will decipher this for you.

Individualized Nutritional Therapy

Naturopathic Doctors are experts in Clinical Nutrition.  They recognize that every person is an individual and that your ideal diet will be as unique as you are.  Using food as medicine, Dr. Camille Nghiem-Phu, ND will be your nutrition consultant and will create the healthiest possible foundation for your body and mind through individualized food choices and meal planning.

Nutritional Therapy Markham can help you to:

  • Identify and correct nutrient deficiencies and excesses
  • Lose weight sustainably and permanently
  • Gain more energy, clear your mind, and improve your mood
  • Identify “food allergies and food sensitivities” (internal link to “Food Allergies vs. Food Intolerances” webpage) that are contributing to your symptoms
  • Relieve bloating, gas, heartburn, constipation and diarrhea
  • Normalize your cholesterol and blood sugar levels without prescription drugs
  • Learn how to incorporate disease-preventing “superfoods” into your meals
  • Get better results from your fitness efforts
  • “Detoxify” (internal link to “Detoxification” webpage) your body using foods and herbs
  • Identify which supplements you need (and those you don’t)
  • Prevent chronic illness like migraines, obesity, heart disease, metabolic syndrome and diabetes

Naturally Sustainable Weight Loss with Nutritional Therapy

A naturopathic approach to weight loss is about learning how to live a healthy balance in body, mind and spirit.  To help you end your struggle with your weight, Dr. Nghiem-Phu may suggest a “blood test” (internal link to “Food Allergies vs. Food Intolerances” webpage) to identify which foods increase your metabolism, or which foods produce inflammation in the immune system to hold onto body fat.  She will also work with you to identify the hormonal, environmental, nutritional and mental-emotional factors that are involved and help you learn lifelong skills to overcome them.  As your Nutritional Consultant Markham, Dr. Nghiem-Phu will teach you why popular strategies like calorie-cutting, low-fat diets, excessive cardio or using artificial sweeteners are ineffective.   These methods can actually cause you to gain more weight, and can create additional health problems.  You’ll receive expert nutritional knowledge, the appropriate diagnostic testing and unconditional support for your journey toward achieving a healthy body weight and body composition for life.

To optimize your results, we’ll think beyond conventional concepts to identify:

  • Nutritional deficiencies that may be contributing your symptoms
  • Foods that your body is sensitive to, does not digest well, or forms an immune response to
  • Digestive organs need special attention to resolve inflammation and improve your absorption of important nutrients
  • Ways to prevent the development of chronic disease through simple food choices
  • Healing foods and herbs that will help to resolve symptoms, have more energy and feel better in the long-term
  • The role of toxins and hormone imbalances that are preventing you from losing weight
  • The optimal dose, form and quality of nutritional supplements for you at a given time
  • Individualized strategies for weight loss and achieving and maintaining a healthy, strong body
  • Ways to maximize the benefits of your exercise plan or athletic workouts with the right foods and supplements at the right times
  • Your attitudes toward food and yourself, and experiences that have shaped the way you relate to food

Dr. Camille Nghiem-Phu, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor who has helped many people achieve a healthier weight, resolve digestive issues, reduce pain, heal their skin, improve their energy and enjoy healthier relationships with food through Nutritional Therapy in Markham.  She believes that a whole foods diet is the foundation of good health.  Book an appointment with Dr. Nghiem-Phu, ND today to develop simple and healthy recipes so you can enjoy better health through optimal dietary choices.

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